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Vendor code: 91005W-POLICE

Suitcase-machine Ridaz Toyota 86 Police (police)

2940.00 грн

Toyota 86 from Ridaz mini-copy of the well-known brand of auto under the official license of the brand Toyota®

     ⚪️   2 in 1: a suitcase that can be played
     ⚪️   Two adjustable extract handles
     ⚪️   Steering wheels
     ⚪️   Waterproof
     ⚪️   Compartment for toys and things
     ⚪️   For children 3+         
     ⚪️   Material: high quality plastic
     ⚪️   Manufacturer of RIDAZ ™, Hong Kong
     ⚪️   Dimensions 50cm x 31cm x 25cm   
     ⚪️   Warranty 12 months

Toyota 86 Police - a mini copy of a police car under the official license of the Toyota® brand.

High-quality strong plastic, four twisting wheels and a pull-out cable allow you to carry cars with you or play races. With a light movement, you can push the handle that turns the car into a comfortable suitcase, and roll it on two extra wheels.

Inside there is a compartment where the child can store and carry his things, toys, and even clothes - if you go on a visit or on a long journey. By the way, the suitcase is made in such a way that it is easy to fit into the upper compartment of the luggage compartment of a standard aircraft.

Stylish toy will not leave your child's attention in the street, kindergarten or supermarket - Toyota 86 Police will equally like both boys and girls. You can play in the police, arrange crazy races and just keep your favorite toys or a whole police station inside. It's enough to see Toyota 86 Police once to fall in love!

 ⚠️  Beware of fakes.

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