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Lamborghini Huracan backpack Ridaz (orange)

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Lamborghini Huracan backpack from Ridaz - a backpack for children from 3 years in the form of a cult sports car under the official license of Lamborghini®

⚪️    Unique design
⚪️    Soft backrest designed specifically for babies
⚪️    Adjustable shoulder straps
⚪️    Reliable zipper with two sliders
⚪️    Additional lock of shoulder straps
⚪️    Carrying handle
⚪️    Compartment for toys and things
⚪️    Waterproof housing
⚪️    For children 3+
⚪️    Material: high-quality plastic
⚪️    Manufacturer RIDAZ ™, Hong Kong
⚪️    Dimensions 21,5cm x 25cm x 32,5cm
⚪️    Weight 0,9 kg, volume 8 L
⚪️    Warranty 12 months

Lamborghini - mini-copy of the cult sports car under the official license of the brand Lamborghini®.

A capacious backpack for children from 3 years is conveniently attached to the back, the orthopedic soft back does not break the child's back, is made of high-quality strong plastic, does not fall off thanks to soft adjustable knobs. By the way, there is an additional fastening on them, which will even more reliably connect both handles of the backpack to the baby's chest. The backpack is comfortable to hold or carry in hands - there is a top handle.

Inside there is a compartment where the child can store and carry his things, toys, and even clothes - if you go on a visit or on a long journey. The backpack is made in such a way that it is easy to fit into the upper compartment of the luggage compartment of a standard airplane.

A stylish backpack will not disregard your child on the street, kindergarten or supermarket - Lamborghini will be equally enjoyed by both boys and girls. It's enough to see once a cult sports car Lamborghini, to fall in love!

 ⚠️  Beware of fakes.

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