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Vendor code: 91101W-WHITE

Airplane Ridaz backpack (white)

2507.00 грн

Airplane backpack from Ridaz mini-copy of the airplane in the form of a backpack with a comfortable orthopedic back.

     ⚪️   Unique design
     ⚪️   Soft backrest designed specifically for toddlers
     ⚪️   Adjustable Soft Shoulder Straps
     ⚪️   Waterproof
     ⚪️   Carrying handle
     ⚪️   Spacious compartments for toys and things
     ⚪️   Manufacturer of RIDAZ ™, Hong Kong
     ⚪️   Weight 0,9 kg, volume 8 L
     ⚪️   ️Dimensions 21.5cm x 25cm x 32.5cm
     ⚪️   Warranty 12 months

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